Ford Motor plans to resume production of the Ranger pickup truck in Thailand after flooding last year caused parts shortages.

Ford still has not delivered its new Ranger pickup to every intended market after floods in Thailand last year disrupted component maker and set back production by several months, said Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford’s Asia and Africa regions.

The new Ranger, which isn’t sold in the U.S., is a key model for Ford as it attempts to become profitable in Asia this year. The loss of Ranger production was a “significant contributor” to the $178 million in pretax operating losses Ford reported in the Asia Pacific and Africa region from October through March, Hinrichs said.

“We lost a lot of production in the fourth quarter and coming into the first quarter, we still felt the languishing effects of that,” Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford Asia Pacific and Africa said.

“But it hasn’t changed our fundamental strategy, which is our commitment to Thailand, as an export and manufacturing hub.”

Ford has invested $2.5 billion in Thailand – $1.5 billion of that since 2007 – making the company the country’s second largest automotive investor.
“No other automotive manufacturer has invested more in Thailand over the last five years than Ford Motor Co. We are clearly here for the long run,” said Peter Fleet, presdent of Ford ASEAN.


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