The Las Vegas show is ready to kick off at the start of November so the 2017 Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code Mustang has arrived just in time to warrant the attention for its 750 hp and limited build of 50 examples.

There are numerous tuned Mustangs, so the 2017 Hurst Kenne Bell R-Code needed to stand out – going for gold accents applied on the bespoke aerodynamic body kit and the 20-inch alloy wheels with chrome plating. It was initially a Mustang GT but now has a large front splitter and extended side skirts, while the rear is adorned with a trunk-mounted wing and a custom diffuser complete with quad exhaust tips. The custom appearance is also completed with the lowering springs and Nitto 265/35ZR20 and 305/30ZR20 tires. There are also upper and lower grille surrounds and a modified hood with dual inlets to signal the 5.0-liter V8 engine needs to breathe better.


The powerplant has also been treated to a 3.2-liter supercharger kit lifting power from the series 435 horsepower to a good 750 hp. And this is only the base upgrade pack – as Kenne Bell has two additional steps – in the end you can even beat the Hoonicorn with more than 1,500 hp. For the SEMA example the standard six-speed manual gearbox remained in place but was fitted with a short-throw cue-ball shifter with reverse lockout. The cabin also gets elements such as the Recaro front seats, matching stitching on the console lid and door panels, to bode well with the 50 units limited production run.


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