Ford, Volvo, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin skipping the Paris Motor Show image

No, they’re not off to Belize together to celebrate their shared links – but separately the automaker have announced they will create buzz around their names through other means.

Pursuing other directions of spreading their message, global automakers such as Ford, Volvo or Rolls won’t be attending the French event, as they look towards the digital age to deliver other means of marketing. Major events such as the Paris motor show have always been important to automakers and fans alike – but each exhibition costs millions, and some carmakers say the returns are not as clear as in the past due to changing consumer habits. “There used to be the feeling that you had to be at every motor show. But there are sometimes better ways of doing it,” comments Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer on the decision to skip the event.

Automakers are more interested now in social media marketing by tempting customers on channels like Twitter and Instagram – creating a direct connection with existing and potential consumers. Others stage their own events. For example Ford had driving events across France this summer while Rolls camped in the exclusive resort of Porto Cervo where it invited carefully selected guests. Lamborghini is another absentee, as VW is looking at ways to cut costs due to the Dieselgate scandal, including ending the tradition of holding a pre-event gala night.

Via Automotive News Europe