Ford Will Close Philippine Ford Escape Plant This Year image

Wednesday, June 27th, Ford announced it will close its Santa Rosa plant at the end of the year.

This move is part of the Ford’s plan to restructure its regional manufacturing operations. After closing its operations in 1980, Ford returned to Philippines in 1998, investing $270 million in the Santa Rosa facility, which currently has 360 employees and produces 36,000 units annually.

“The company studied every possible scenario and opportunity, but we could not make a strong enough business case for future manufacturing,” said Randy Krieger, Ford Group Philippines’ president.

The only volume export from this country will be brought to a close, after the last Ford Escape will roll out of the facility at the end of this year. Ford began to ship completely-built Ford Escape models in September 2002 and since then it exported over 80,000 units, worth more than $1 million, to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Although production of the model will be halted here, Philippines will still have the Ford Escape imported from other plants in Asia. By 2015 Ford plans to double the number of its dealerships.