Ford will continue to offer three body styles on next Mondeo image

Ford’s design chief for Europe, Martin Smith, confirmed to Automotive News Europe that the fourth-generation Mondeo will continue to have three body styles when it goes on sale in early 2013.

Ford is among few automakers that are still offering station wagon, five-door and four-door versions for its European midsize segment model. “The next generation Mondeo for Europe will continue to be offered in its current three body styles,” Martin Smith said.

Almost half of Mondeo sales are accounted for the station wagon variant, which made up 48 percent of the 70,400 Mondeos sold through October in 19 European markets plus Turkey and Russia. The five-door version followed with 34 percent of sales, with the four-door sedan making up the remaining 18 percent.

Rival Toyota axed the five-door version of the Avensis in 2008, keeping only the sedan and the wagon, while Citroen, Peugeot and VW offer both a sedan and wagon in the C5, 508 and Passat ranges. None of the three brands offers a five-door version. Renault offers five-door and wagon variants on the Laguna, but no sedan, while Opel offers all three body styles on the Insignia.

Station wagons dominate in northern Europe, accounting for 94 percent of Mondeo sales in Denmark, while southern Europeans prefer five-door variants, with 84 percent of Mondeo sales in Spain. More conservative buyers in developing markets go for the Mondeo sedan, which makes up 97 percent of the model’s sales in Russia.