Ford will not attend the Paris Auto Show this year image

Ford decided not to take part in the Paris Auto Show in the autumn, as the automaker said the timing did not fit with its launch schedule.

Until not so long ago, it was unthinkable for a major automaker to skip an important international auto show, but lately increasingly more companies have become quite picky when they plan their annual schedules for such events. And the reason is somehow obvious, as taking part in an auto show implies considerable costs for carmakers. “It is increasingly difficult for some OEMs to justify the expenditure on these types of events,” IHS Automotive analyst Ian Fletcher said. Recent examples of high-profile manufacturers which stepped aside from the spot lights include Tesla, Mini and Jaguar Land Rover, which did not attend this year’s Detroit show. BMW’s Mini also said it would skip next month’s Geneva event. One of the most important shows of its kind in Europe is the biennial Paris exhibition, set to open its doors in October this year, but Ford recently announced that the Detroit-based automaker would sit aside from it. “It’s about picking the right place and right way to deliver your news,” a Ford of Europe spokesman told Automotive News. “Paris didn’t hit the sweet spot.”

However, Ford has chosen to attend this year some less car-focused events, such as the Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress show held in Barcelona at the end of this month. The decision to skip Paris might come as a surprise, as the American automaker’s European branch returned to profitability for the first time last year since 2011. On the other hand, Ford recently announced a restructuring plan for its operations in Europe to keep the trend, planning to cut hundreds of jobs in the region to achieve substantial cost savings and to quit building less profitable models from its European lineup.

Via Automotive News