Ford’s Alan Mulally cheered while leading his last annual shareholders meeting image

Current Chief Executive at Ford Motor, Alan Mulally disclosed he feels “no regrets” when it looks back at the eight years he ruled over the destiny of the second biggest US automaker, while he was cheered as he presided his last annual meeting.

Mulally was brought from Boeing Co. back in 2006, with the North American unit facing dire losses and in the mean time managed to avoid the automaker going into bankruptcy like GM and Chrysler in 2009 and make the US unit the most profitable of the company. He also showed high praise for his successor, Mark Fields, giving his successor a great vote of confidence.

“I’ll always be very pleased and very proud and no regrets,” Mulally told reporters today after the automaker’s annual meeting in Wilmington, Delaware. “I have all the confidence in the world that the leadership team, the management system and the strategy is solid. This is a Ford that’s absolutely ready to go soaring and Mark is going to be a fantastic leader.”

Ford and Mulally announced last week, after numerous rumors, that he was step down from his function six month earlier than agreed, making way from July 1st to his successor. During his last meeting with the shareholders he was repeatedly praised, and even delivered a standing ovation, while many urged Executive Chairman Bill Ford to find a way to keep Mulally in some form.

Via Bloomberg