Ford’s aluminum F-150 is ready for US buyers image

The second-largest US automaker is making history later today, as the Rouge facility that Henry Ford used to build Model A cars almost nine decades ago is getting ready to start production output of the redesigned 2015 F-150 pickup truck.

Back in the day, Henry Ford changed over from the iconic Model T to the Model A in 1928, and the genesis of the next generation of America’s best selling vehicle and pickup has been long and painful. The factory had to be closed down and retooled from the ground up (the same happened to a facility near Kansas City, Missouri), costing money and sales. But any revolution has its victims, and the company is now ready to start the biggest production process ever for the latest aluminum-bodied vehicle.

Seen by many analysts as “one of the most audacious engineering projects in Ford’s history”, the company executives themselves acknowledge that the truck’s changeover is closely watched by the entire world. The redesigned aluminum-intensive F-150 full-size pickup truck is scheduled to arrive in dealerships in December and the model is a key profit generator for the carmaker. Any hiccup along the production line, any delay in reaching the lots, any disruption in quality and Ford might lose the coveted sales momentum of the truck.

Via Bloomberg, Reuters