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The Blue Oval company – which is tied inextricably to the F-Series in North America – has been proud to announce it recently celebrated 100 years of pickup truck production.

They were the first in the world to introduce a pickup truck model – more precisely on July 27, 1917. And while they have a very old milestone, the segment is still doing wonders for them – the company’s F-Series was the second-best selling vehicle all around the world in 2016 just behind the Toyota Corolla, and this is all more impressive considering the F-Series is not a global offering like the Japanese compact car. Ford is also keen to tell us it has delivered more than 26 million pickups since 1977 – the year is of significance because it’s the date when it became America’s top selling truck. And they didn’t stop there – five years later it also became the nation’s best-selling vehicle overall, and hasn’t yet relinquished the place.

Ford’s been making pickup trucks for a century 2

It all started back in 1917 with the Model TT, Ford’s first pickup truck – a vehicle directly related to the Model T. It shared the cab and engine, but used a heavy-duty frame for a one-ton payload. It was superseded by the Model AA that offered a 1.5-ton chassis in 1928. “Model AA trucks in particular had a certain class to them,” said Ford Historian Bob Kreipke. “Customers could use them on the farm, yet still take them to church on Sunday.” It was followed with the BB in 1933, then with the Model 50 pickup in 1935 with a flathead V8 engine – the first F-Series – the F-1 – was born after the World War II effort ended, back in 1948. The rest is history, of course.