Ford’s F-150 pickup truck now sporting start/stop for EcoBoost versions image

With the US fuel economy regulations becoming increasingly prohibitive, the truck manufacturers need to come up with solutions to the gas guzzling problem.

The American drivers are not looking ready to give up on their full size trucks – and since these have been known to be less than fuel efficient, coming up with such introductions will become a regular thing rather than an exception. And Ford looks ready to become a champion of fuel saving solutions – after all they changed the entire production process of the F-150 to make it out of aluminum in order to achieve new lightweighting levels. Now all 2017 model year F-150 pickup truck that have under the hood the EcoBoost engines will come equipped as standard with the well known engine start/stop management system.

The announcement concerns the trucks using the 2.7- and 3.5-liter EcoBoost engines – including the Raptor – will sport the system that can automatically cut off the engine when the vehicle is stopped. By the way, this is a specifically designed start/stop engine which knows when the truck is towing or using the four-wheel drive mode and will refrain from shutting down the engine then. There are no fuel economy figures as of yet, but Ford also noted the savings will also be largely dependent on the driver’s patterns of usage – though the company said the CO2 emissions will be severely limited when the truck is idling. Ford also said the EcoBoost engines are gaining in popularity and they could reach about 60 percent of sales for the 2017 model year.