Ford’s GT and Mustang GT4 are going to the Goodwood FoS image

The Goodwood Hillclimb is set to feature all manner of exciting models at this year’s edition of the Festival of Speed, including some Fords handled by star drivers from Chip Ganassi Racing.

The 1.16-mile course will include some of the best Blue Oval models – such as the GT and Mustang GT4 customer race car. In addition, Vaughn Gittin Jr. will also be there to showcase his Mustang RTR for Goodwood’s first Hillclimb Drift Championship. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is starting Thursday, June 29, and will grace fans with all sorts of events and festivities through Sunday, July 2. This is not the first time Ford’s GT has seen the Goodwood FoS in its new incarnation – though last year the British event saw the racing version of the model – and this year is the first time the street-legal one appears.

Ford’s GT and Mustang GT4 are going to the Goodwood FoS 4

Ford Chip Ganassi Racing drivers Andy Priaulx and Harry Tincknell will be driving the Ford GT, while team member Billy Johnson will be on point with the Mustang GT4. There’s no secret everyone will try to beat last year’s production car record set by the McLaren P1 LM at 47.07 seconds, but we’re not expecting the GT to be the one to do it. Ford is also getting lesser models at the show – the new Fiesta and S-MAX ST‑Line will arrive for the first time in front of the British audience during Goodwood.