For years to come, the surprising apparition of the 2016 Ford GT supercar during the press days of the 2015 North American International Show in Detroit will remain anecdotal, thanks to the total secrecy that surrounded it.

Usually the automotive world has little to no secrets when it comes to the development of a new vehicle – with the automaker itself most often teasing the upcoming model and even “slipping” some crucial information and photos before its official reveal. That was not the case with the Ford GT, which was unveiled in such secrecy that even rumors about its development didn’t perspire. So, kudos to the small team of car aficionados that developed the model in just 14 months in the basement of Ford’s Product Development Center in Dearborn, in a room that actually was used to store foam before being taken over. The Ford GT supercar was brought to life from sketches to clay models and now to the prototypes being tested on the track as the model prepares to hit dealer showrooms sometimes during the second part of 2016.

Ford recently allowed media representatives into the secret room, which housed a few select executives, designers and engineers that came up with the automaker’s most precious car today. The core team only had around 15 members and only about 20 people had access to the GT lair – even analysts remain impressed how a US automaker managed to pull off such an impressive secretive stunt. Sketches adorn the room’s walls, with the team initially building scale models then moving up to full-size milled foam models that were easier and faster to do than clay models. Aerodynamic setup was only done digitally and the interior had two working prototypes – so the changes could be made on the go. The Ford GT has turned out with 10 million lines of computer code – twice more than for the advanced F-35 fighter jet and comes with a 3.5 liter twin-turbo V6 that delivers more than 600 horsepower to an extremely lightweight frame.


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