Ford’s Mustang was designed with Shelby in mind image

Going global for the 50-years anniversary meant the latest generation of the iconic Ford Mustang also had to be the greatest to date. And that includes having in mind the associated rollout of the equally legendary Shelby performance versions.

Having to develop a sports car that will satisfy the needs of different buyers across the vastness of the planet was a grueling task to say the least, but the designers and engineers especially also knew they would need to make the latest great enough to support the development of the Shelby variants – ell known for their desire to reach extreme performances. According to Dave Pericak, Ford Performance chief, the trick was that Ford realized the investment effort would further spawn down the development road to make sure the Shelbys would be able to break witness jaws when seen on the track. The Shelby GT350 Mustang has been shown to the worldwide audience since last November when it premiered during the 2014 Los Angeles motor show and in January they were already back in Detroit in time for the North American International Auto Show with the GT350R – an even more performance oriented, track-oriented variant.

Both versions are scheduled to reach US dealerships sometimes this fall and the newly unified Ford Performance unit is making sure the duo is worthy of the iconic Shelby name. And all that while they’re “common” enough to share the same assembly line in Flat Rock, Michigan, with the mundane Mustang. Only some different tooling is required for the assembly process even as the Shelbys have a different appearance and deep modifications to the chassis, suspension and brakes.