Ford’s new F-150 is not only lightweight, but also aerodynamic image

The US automaker has went to great lengths to ensure its brand new 2015 F-150 will retain its usual sales crown, with the company changing everything from the steel structure to an aluminum frame and streamlining the model to become the most aerodynamic pickup ever.

The new generation of the F-150 pickup has just jumped a level (and no one thought it could be done) – going from the model that holds numerous sales records in America (best-selling vehicle in the US for 32 years, best-selling pickup for 43) to the vehicle that spearheads a new auto revolution.

And it’s all due to the federal regulators imposing ever more stringent rules on auto fuel consumption. In order to meet those future requirements, Ford took the radical decision of exchanging the traditional steel frame for an aluminum one – albeit military grade. But that was not enough – aerodynamics also play a huge role in lowering fuel requirements.

“The aerodynamics were much more at the forefront on this launch,” says Brad Richards, the truck’s exterior design manager. “It was a huge challenge as a designer to try to make the trucks tougher looking, but more efficient,” he added. “We want to sell the truck on efficiency. It is money in the customer’s pocketbook.”

Ford has not even dismissed industry wide speculation the EPA could rate the new generation for 30 miles per gallon in highway driving, up from around 22 mpg in the current generation.