Ford’s Police Interceptor Utility has a new, stealthier light bar image

American drivers have grown used to checking their speed limit whenever driving and noticing a black Ford Crown Victoria approaching in the rearview mirror – since it may very well turn out to be a police officer driving it.

Stealth police cars are very effective in deterring drivers from breaking the law – even when they’re actually not around. Which is why Ford has now introduced a factory-installed, interior-mounted light bar for its Explorer model – which underpins the Police Interceptor Utility. The first advantage is that removing the roof-mounted light bar means the Interceptor is harder to spot as a police car from a distance. And it’s also safer for the officers behind the wheel because of the reduced dimensions compared to aftermarket units. Ford has decided to integrate the very slim light bar exactly where the headliner meets the top of the windshield. Additionally, the windshield’s top shade band has been axed, meaning the light bar displays through clear glass for even brighter visibility of the ubiquitous red and blue lights.

And if you’re playful you should also know the automaker’s new lights are also easy to personalize – officers can customize them by programming red/red or blue/blue light patterns, and its intensity can even be tuned down to just 20-percent brightness – or it can be done automatically as there’s even an auto-dimming function. Ford announced the new interior-integrated light bar can already be ordered by the police forces and will be present on 2017 model year vehicles.

  • mistercrispy

    Yeah, making law enforcement harder to locate, more difficulty to discern, and hidden from public view is the “solution” — if your problem is those pesky citizens who demand accountability, fairness, and all law enforcement activity be above board. Making local police departments more clandestine like the CIA, that’s sure to bring the police closer to communities. Just another example of the police using public money to buy more “toys” to harass and collect. This tech is only useful if your local police department’s main purpose is to harass the community — usually its poorest members — to collect payoffs in the form of ticket revenue and court fees. Hey sleazy politicians and police apologists — find another way to fund your city budgets besides haranguing citizens.