Ford’s Sales Electric Focus Fell Sharply image

Ford’s sales of its Focus decreased dramatically from 89 in June to 38 units sold in July.

From January to July Ford sold 89 Focus EVs, not even a car in February, March and April, a clear sign that the EV sales in the United States are struggling. In July Ford has manufactured 121 Focus EVs and 884 from the beginning of the year, and it sells the model only in New Jersey, New York and California. The company plans to launch the Focus in 19 other markets this fall.

The auto maker refused to give any forecasts for production or sales or how many from the 38 units sold in July were fleet or retail, but said that it will match production with demand. Ford’s hybrid sales also fell to 10,648 in the first seven months, from 27,100 units in the same period last year. The auto maker produced 9,260 hybrids from January to July, compared to 32,645 for the entire 2011 and 40,447 in 2009.

The decline was also due to the fact that the company stopped production of the Ford Escape hybrid and replaced it with the 2013 version. In 2009 and 2010 Ford produced around 20,000 Ford Fusion hybrids, 14,100 in 2011 and 5,541 units this year until now.