Ford’s Sales Unaffected by the Recalls image

Ford said that the recent safety recalls have not affected auto sales.

Last week the automaker made the fourth recall on the 2013 Escape crossover, the first recall being made in July. The vehicles were recalled due to increased risk of an engine fire to be caused by a software glitch in the cooling system of the Escape and Fusion sedan.

“I think overall our sales are doing well. But we also understand that’s a very precious thing and we’re working very hard every day to deliver that quality commitment to our costumers,” said Chief Operating Officer Mark Fields.

The Escape and Fusion vehicles were recalled on December 10th, the same day the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it will further investigate Consumer Reports’ claims that the Fusion hybrid and C-Max crossover fell short of the company’s declared fuel economy rating of 47 mpg.

In November Ford’s sales increased 6.4% and during the first eleven months of the year sales were up 5% to 2.03 million vehicles. Fields said that so far December sales are going well but didn’t give an estimative of this month’s sales. Fields also announced that Ford plans to create in Detroit a community center, a summer and youth recreation camp and also summer job programs for which it will invest $10 million.