Ford’s Super Duty trucks have a humongous 48-gallon fuel tank image

The all-new Ford Super Duty pickup truck will be made available with the largest fuel tank in the segment, trumping any other competitor in the heavy duty truck market in the United States.

As a matter of fact, larger fuel tanks can only be found when discussing commercial haulage trucks. It has 48 gallons (182 liters) – which is a lot, sounds like a lot, but still needs to be exemplified to be understood. Let’s see, we can compare it in size to a medium outdoor trash can. Or a water heater serving the regular family home. Or three full size beer kegs and some more room. But more importantly, let’s see how big the paycheck will be at the gas station. At the average rates this 48-gallon tank of regular gas would be around $105 – or if it’s diesel it’s going to be about $112.

In terms of range, if we take into account an average highway fuel economy of 15 miles per gallon, the 48 gallons would be enough for a 720 miles (1159 kilometers) trip. The new 48-gallon tank is the standard practice for the all-new Super Duty with gasoline engines, and offered as an optional equipment on diesel versions. “We want to give our customers a more productive tool for getting the most out of their trucks. This means less downtime at the fuel pump and performing routine maintenance, and more time on the job,” commented marketing manager Brian Rathsburg.

2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty F-250 Lariat