Ford’s Sync turning into mood-sensing virtual assistant image

The US automaker that is no longer just a carmaker, but a mobility provider, is focusing more and more on offbeat technology shows – with this year’s Mobile World Congress getting to reveal new in-car infotainment technology.

The company has recently announced it’s preparing facial-recognition software technology that will “read” the driver’s mood and attempt to cheer you by providing the proverbial sympathetic ear or playing your favorite music. With over 90 percent of cars using voice recognition technology in the coming half decade Ford thinks the next step would be to instantly understand the mood the owner is in. “Lots of people already love their cars, but with new in-car systems that learn and adapt, we can expect some seriously strong relationships to form,” comments Dominic Watt, senior lecturer, Department of Language and Linguistic Science, University of York.

Ford’s Sync turning into mood-sensing virtual assistant 4

The tech would work by deploying sophisticated microphones and in-car cameras, and your car would then learn and adapt to what songs to play depending on the mood – and maybe learn when it’s best to keep quiet. It could even tweak out the interior lights. The company will reveal its latest tech in the mobility and connectivity fields during next week’s Mobile World Congress tech event in Barcelona. It has also added it has joined forces with RWTH Aachen University to start research using multiple microphones to improve speech processing.