Former Audi manufacturing exec says Tesla “years” ahead of everybody image

Peter Hochholdinger, the new vice president of vehicle production at Tesla, recently shared with the media his findings at the California-based electric manufacturer when looking behind at his previous experiences.

He is the man in charge of the Model S and Model X production lines and logistics since May this year, and his most important task from now on will be to manage the production program for the company’s most affordable vehicle to date, the upcoming Model 3. He was for two decades with Audi and in his first interview after joining Tesla he said he discovered the company’s production process to be “about seven years beyond everything I’ve seen before.”

Hochholdinger also translated the “machine that makes the machine” expression used by Elon Musk in the past. “It’s about density and speed and putting more automation into, for example, general assembly. General assembly in a car manufacturer today is quite labor-driven, of course.” He added the will also bring his expertise from Audi, improving the collaboration between manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics. “It’s like when a plane is flying into San Francisco International Airport. They know exactly which gate it will be at, and they know exactly when the approach is, and they know exactly where it comes from, and they know exactly when does it leave the airport and where does it go. A factory is like an airport: Materials are coming in and trucks are leaving, so we know exactly which gates we should be at,” he explained.

Via Manufacturing Leadership Journal