Former Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Boss Becomes Bentley and Bugatti’s CEO image

Beginning September 1st Bentley and Bugatti will have a new CEO, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber who takes CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer’s current position.

Schreiber will give up its current position as commercial vehicles chief at Volkswagen and become CEO of Bentley and Bugatii, while Durheimer will move to Audi heading technical development. Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn was the one who announced these changes along with other Volkswagen Group reshuffling on Saturday, June 2nd, at a press conference in Stuttgart.

“All changes are internal. It is important to have people in leadership positions who know the company”, he said.

Porsche Cayenne owes its success to Dürheimer, who was previously tasked to create that same magic for Bentley and its upcoming SUV. No information was given about Dürheimer’s projects at the Audi, but it is expected that his appointment will help soothe the feud between Audi and Porsche, which dates back several years now and caused the delay for some models development.

Luca de Meo, Volkswagen’s head of marketing, will become the chief of sales for Audi and Bernd Martens, also from Volkswagen, will be appointed the chief of purchasing for Audi.