Former VW chief Piech opposes his nieces on the supervisory board image

The drama at Volkswagen goes on. The “young and the restless-ish” topic of the day is that Piech, who has recently quit his chairman position after an ongoing feud with VW AG’s CEO, Martin Winterkorn, does not approve of his two nieces- Julia Kuhn-Piech and Dr. Louise Kiesling – to replace him and his wife on the carmaker’s supervisory board.

In case you tuned in later, after Piech’s resignation, his wife, Ursula Piech, who was also a member of the board, resigned from all positions she held at VW. The ousted chairman might try to stop this VW move as, according to German newspaper Bild, Piech does not think his relatives have enough experience to work on the board. He thinks that the best two options for the replacements would be former head of Ford Motor’s Premier Automotive Group, Wolfgang Reitzle, and former Siemens manager, Brigitte Ederer.

Nonetheless. a spokesperson for Volkswagen AG stated for Automotive News Europe that there were no objections to the two women’s appointment on the board. In the meantime, Piech’s nieces have been officially appointed to the VW supervisory board, and the change was approved by the Braunschweig Local Court in Germany. All that’s left for Piech in order to challenge VW’s choice would be to file a lawsuit. Even if Piech’s two nieces don’t share the same experience as Piech himself, Dr Kiesling has a degree in car design from the Royal College of Art in London and is at the moment the managing director of and Austrian textile maker, while Kuhn-Piech who is working in the real estate field is also on the supervisory board of German truck manufacturer, Man.

By Gabriela Florea