Former VW employee sues the automaker over data deletion image

Volkswagen is being sued in the US by an ex-employee who asks compensations for being unlawfully fired after he allegedly tried to stop data deletion related to the emissions scandal, reports say.

More and more “underground” disclosures are lately emerging in correlation with Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scheme. Some German media reports brought to light the fact that a former employee at Volkswagen Group of America was suing the automaker for damages, claiming he was unlawfully fired after flagging internally what he alleged was illegal deletion of data. German broadcasters WDR and NDR, as well as the newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, say the person in question lost his job after he tried from September 18 last year – the crucial date when the news has become public – to stop a co-worker from removing some internal “sensitive” data. Even if the reports – which cited court documents – did not specified exactly what kind of data was being deleted, the German media said that the former VW employee was alleging that the automaker in the United States has destroyed evidence in relation to the emissions scandal.

It is said the ex-VW employee was following his manager’s orders in trying the stop the deletions, but he also declared that a serious row over the matter and VW’s fears he would alert the authorities led to his dismissal. The media reported the deletions took place after a US Department of Justice ordered to stop any “routine” data removal at Volkswagen of America. A German spokesman for Volkswagen said: “These are legal proceedings concerning labor law on which we don’t comment as a matter of principle.”

Via Reuters