Formula 1: Canadian GP Results: Jenson Button wins image

JENSON Button secured his first win of the season when world champion Sebastian Vettel made a crucial error on the final lap of an extraordinary, rain-delayed and crash-hit Canadian Formula One Grand Prix today.

Vettel finished second and teammate Mark Webber added another podium for McLaren by finishing third.

“What a race. What a race. A fantastic win,” Button screamed as he crossed the line.

It was forecast to be wet and wild but no one realised just how wet and wild it would be. For over two hours television viewers were treated to utterly surreal scenes as torrential rain stopped play at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit.

The race started under a slight drizzle, but the rain grew heavier and by the 25th lap it was a full-fledged downpour that drenched the track and made driving treacherous. Although the wet track caused some problems, the visibility was what drivers complained about and what brought out the red flag.
After a delay of 2 hours, 4 minutes, the cars were back on the track with mandatory wet weather tires.

Sebastian Vettel still extended his lead in the 2011 world championship despite losing the marathon Canadian grand prix on the very last lap.

“I led every lap until part of the last one,” said the disappointed Red Bull driver, who ran off the dry racing line to let McLaren’s Jenson Button past mere corners from the chequered flag.

“It’s not the sweetest feeling,” admitted the German, despite pulling out his lead – now over Button – from 58 to 60 points.


  • Colin Hunt

    I'm Australian and proud of it so I support Webber but it seems that he lacks the "killer
    Instinct" needed to win G.P.'s
    As for going to another team, I can't see how this is going to help him.

  • Tim Winker

    Webber nipped Schumacher for third place in the waning moments of the race, and Massa beat Kobayashi across the finish line by millimeters to capture 6th place. All in all a very exciting race.

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