Formula E to draw in the younger generation image

Formula E – the electric car equivalent of Formula One set to launch next year – is set to draw on elements from both reality television and video games as a way to appeal to the younger generation.

The typical roar of Formula 1 will be replaced with the altogether quieter hum of electric cars, although each event will be accompanied by electronic dance music to ensure that the decibel count remains high.

“The demographic of 10-16 year olds is a very complicated demographic – they don’t want to just watch any more. They don’t want to buy a Ferrari; they want to buy a smartphone,” said Alejandro Agag, the man behind Formula E Holdings, which will run the events.

He added that Formula E is aiming to capture the notoriously short attention span of the smartphone generation in order to promote electric vehicles.

The electric car races, based in 10 cities around the world including London and Beijing, will allow spectators to participate through live, online video games. While watching the event, spectators will be able to race against digital, real-time simulations of the drivers on a tablet or smartphone.

The audience will also have some influence over the outcome of the race. Through their smartphones, spectators will be able to vote for their favorite driver. The most popular will receive an extra burst of speed, propelling him or her past opponents.

Via Financial Times