Four great racing competitions of the world image

Motorsport is definitely the pinnacle of what the automotive industry has to offer – a pool of developing technologies, incredible human resources knowledge, passion, tons of talent and incredible amounts of hard work.

So, no wonder that motorsport competition – and we’re just talking here about the ones taking place on four wheels – has an incredible amount of variety. But, for the sake of the argument, we selected four that we see best and most compelling, giving you the root traits to each one.

Formula One – the definite “Queen” of racing, F1 is the single-seat open-wheel racing competition that gathers the top manufacturers for advances in technology that would find their way on our cars in the years to come. For this season, it consists of 19 races in 19 countries that stretch across five continents – using only purpose built raceways or specially developed temporary street circuits.

With names like, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, and Red Bull and budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars, Formula One is definitely top brass, also owing its exclusivity to exotic locations like Monaco, Bahrain or Singapore.

IndyCar – this is almost literally the US equivalent of Formula One, with the races also featuring single-seat open-wheel purposely built cars. Though, the similarities are at an end, with much smaller budgets – owing to the fact there is only one car supplier and just two V6 engine options.

The IndyCar season this year features a set of highly attractive 18 races set in the US and Canada on a mix of road courses, temporary street circuits and high speed ovals. The competition is heralded as America’s fastest motor racing and the Indy 500, the flagship event, which takes place on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, has become a true American cultural institution.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – if you’re in for spectacular takeovers and enjoy the car crashes that take over a pile of cars, this is the event you need to see. These are front-engine rear-wheel-drive almost stock cars, with an almost old-school setup, but the power beats what F1 and Indy now have on offer – reaching as much as 900 hp.

The 2014 season is – as always, featured on oval tracks, with 36 events scheduled and drawing huge number of crowds. Actually, NASCAR is the number one spectator sport in America, with Forbes saying that 17 of the top 20 events in 2012 being races from the Sprint Cup.

FIA World Endurance Championship – this is not only about speed, but also… well patience, strategy, hard work, exhausting hours and ultimately keeping up with the nervous tension. No wonder, since at the same time on the racetrack there are four different car classes, with different characteristics – from ultra-advanced Le Mans prototypes to rather “common” Porsches or Ferraris.

Because they need to last longer, all the cars in the series are not so powerful like the other three installments, but the mix of eight races in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America ensures true global availability. Also, because races last from six to 24 hours, there are two or even several drivers sharing the same car, in 40 minutes “stints” and for the sake of stirring things up – the pro divers can be backed by “gentlemen” amateurs, usually celebrities.