France: Bollore secures government support for new EV network image

The Bollore Group, which operates the Autolib EV car-sharing service in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon, has announced a new recharge network investment worth 150 million euros ($172 million).

The plan is to introduce the new electric-car charging network across the country and the French group has also said it secured government backing. The company’s Blue Solutions unit is the operator of the Autolib EV car-sharing service in the French cities, and the company now plans to install 16,000 new semi-fast chargers across the nation over the next four years. “Wherever you are on the map there will be at least one recharging point every 40 kilometers (25 miles),” read a statement from the company. The network is a modern take on the refueling station, with fast Internet access via hotspots and also offers car-pooling services to the users, with also the ability book in advance the needed time slots at the recharging points.

Additionally, last week the group also announced it was seeking new partnerships to expand the Autolib service in Los Angeles and Singapore as their new overseas markets after the car-sharing service also makes its debut later this year in London and Indianapolis. In France, the public support for companies that offer electric cars or in the national charging infrastructure has been lagging official internal targets. Among the local automakers, Renault and alliance partner Nissan have been very vocal supporters of electric cars, investing 4 billion euros so far to develop and research electric models and battery technologies.

Via Automotive News Europe