France: Car sales down 11,2 per cent in April image

French car sales fell 11.2 percent in April, showing the effects of the end of France’s scrappage scheme.

France’s highly successful scrapping incentive scheme ran out in December 2010, but drivers who bought cars as part of the scheme could register them until the end of March 2011.

A CCFA spokesman said: “The big winners of last year with the scrapping scheme are the worst affected by this fall.”

French manufacturers suffered the biggest setback in April, according to the CCFA figures. Sales by PSA Peugeot Citroen fell by 21.1 percent and sales by Renault by 19.1 percent by comparison with sales in April of last year.

Roudier said: “The big beneficiaries of the scrapping scheme, Renault, PSA and Fiat, registered a sharp fall in comparison with the very good figures reported last year.”

Supply problems affecting the sector were not helping, he added: “The auto sector was already having trouble meeting demand, and the Japan problem is only going to make the situation worse.”
Many car makers source electronic components from the region of north-east Japan worst affected by the natural disaster, whose aftermath is disrupting the global auto supply chain.
A total of 169 451 cars were registered in France in April when there was one fewer working day than in April last year.