France: Dacia’s annual picnic reunites 14,000 fans image

This weekend Dacia celebrated the sixth edition of what is now a big tradition for the brand and fans in France – the annual family picnic. The attendance was high, as always – almost 14, 000 people.

Dacia – the Romanian affordable brand – currently owned by the Renault group has managed to achieve a fan following that stretches well beyond the boundaries of its home country – suffice to bring as examples the big fan clubs in Holland (mostly of the Logan MCV break version) or the annual picnics in France. The success of the brand is adamant to Renault’s sales, as Dacia – in France alone – is the fourth best selling passenger car brand.

Sunday, June 29, no less than 3,100 Dacia vehicles gathered on the grounds of the Domaine de Courson, near Paris for the annual iteration of the picnic gathering – which, although the weather was unfriendly (as it has been across Europe for most of the start of the summer), managed to get an attendance of almost 14,000 people.

The entire Dacia range – among the freshest in the industry today – was present for the meeting, with families enjoying numerous entertainment activities and a concert by French artist Christophe Maé.