France Refused to Register Some Mercedes Vehicles Due to Their Air Conditioning Coolant image

An EU source said that France blocked the registration of several new Mercedes vehicles due to a controversial air conditioning coolant.

The French authorities did not want to register Mercedes A-Class, B-Class and SL vehicles manufactured on June 12th, even if the German authorities have approved them. Usually, the French approval comes immediately after the German one.

“We have no explanation for why the registration in France was not yet accepted,” said a Daimler spokesman.

An anonymous EU official said that the reason for the French authorities blocking the registration of the vehicles was because the cars contain the air conditioning coolant which is not approved in the EU. The source added that the French transport ministry has already informed the Commission about this issues, which will discussed at the next automotive meeting in mid July.

In September 2012 Daimler said that the 1234yf air conditioning coolant which is on the market and is approved by the EU, can be the main cause for a vehicle fire. Daimler and VW are both creating an expensive air conditioning refrigerant, the HFO-1234yf, which is based on carbon dioxide and emits poisonous hydrogen fluoride gas when it burns.

Source: Reuters