France: Renault to cut 300 jobs at Flins plant image

French carmaker Renault (RENA.PA), said it plans to cut 300 jobs at its Flins plant near Paris over the next two years.

The job cuts will be achieved through early retirement and voluntary departures without any compulsory redundancies, Renault spokeswoman Raluca Barb said on Thursday.

Flins is one of Renault’s oldest industrial manufacturing sites. The factory underwent extensive modernisation with the arrival of Clio III in 2005. Flins produces the Clio III model and spare parts for other Renault Group and Nissan factories.
The plant is located 45 kilometres from Paris, between the A13 motorway, the railway and the Seine river.

In May there were 165,776 new vehicles sold in France, 16.1% fewer than a year earlier in nominal terms. For the first five months of the year, registrations were down 17.2% on the year or 15.6% lower in workday-adjusted terms.

In France, the government, already confronted by 10 per cent unemployment, faces a lengthening list of industrial redundancies across several sectors. It plans legislation to make it harder for companies to fire workers and to close plants.