Technology company Uber, based out of San Francisco, is well known for being valued at billions of dollars, with a worth that dwarfs even global automakers, but also for its continued worldwide problems.

Uber Technologies Inc. managed on Friday to narrowly miss a legal setback in France, where a Paris judge decided the company’s UberPop service, which allows people to summon rides in private cars thanks to a mobile service application, cannot be blocked. The positive result came just right, as the San Francisco-based startup had seen numerous hurdles mounting last week – a driver was charged for killing a person in the company’s hometown, while the district attorneys of Los Angeles and San Francisco also sued Uber because of false assurance claims (allegedly the drivers’ backgrounds are not so thoroughly checked). In other parts of the world, the service got banned in Spain, the municipality of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro has deemed the service illegal and the Netherlands also stopped the ride-sharing company from operating.

With Uber expanding rapidly overseas, the service already operates in some 20 cities in Europe and the decision in Paris is very important because it was the first venue it opened the service on the continent. But the fight is not over, as the Brussels government just filed a criminal complaint against the company and the service was also closed in the Indian capital of New Delhi, after a Uber driver was charged with raping a passenger.

Via Bloomberg



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