France Will Continue to Ban Sales of Mercedes Vehicles image

France decided to pursue Mercedes sales ban and continue to outlaw sales of several German automaker’s models.

The French government said it will continue the sale freeze on Mercedes A class, B class and CLA models which still use the banned refrigerant, even if Daimler contested the move in court. Last month France refused to register Mercedes vehicles manufactured since June 12th, due to the German automaker’s refusal to stop using the banned air conditioning coolant R134a, which has been put under restriction since the beginning of the year.

Registrations “will remain forbidden in France as long as the company does not to conform to European regulations,” the environment ministry said in a statement today, July 26th.

The models which have been blocked account for 2% of the company’s global deliveries and most of the brand’s French sales. Yesterday, July 25th, an administrative court ordered the French government to re-examine the decision, after the German car maker said that the sales freeze were not according to the EU procedures for “safeguard measures.”

“This argument is absolutely incomprehensible and cannot be applied in this case since virtually all new and used cars on European roads are equipped with the proven and safe refrigerant R134a and will continue to be so until the end of 2016,” said Daimler.

Source: Autonews