France’s first Chevrolet Volt EVs bought by U.S. Embassy image

The U.S. Mission to France has announced the purchase of four Chevrolet Volts, the first units to reach French soil.

Three will be used by the U.S. Embassy in Paris, while one will go to the Consulate in Lyon, as part of the „Greenwheels” project, a public-private partnership between the Paris Embassy, the Consulate in Lyon and GM/Chevrolet.

On November 30, Ludovic Dirand, CEO of Chevrolet France, handed-over the keys to Ambassador Charles Rivkin for two of the Chevrolet Volts that are now part of the U.S. Embassy in France’s fleet. The other two Volts will arrive in early 2012.

“This purchase is in keeping with President Obama’s call to set an example by ‘greening’ the federal government. At U.S. Mission France we are constantly seeking innovations to make our activities more environmentally sustainable,” said U.S. Ambassador to France, Charles Rivkin.

“The Volt extended-range electric vehicle is the start of a new era of personal mobility. It allows customers to transition to zero-emission driving without range anxiety,” added Ludovic Dirand, CEO of Chevrolet France.

As part of its sustainability effort, the U.S. Mission has embarked on a program that will greatly reduce energy use in the more than 50,000 square meters of property the U.S. government owns and operates in Paris and throughout France.

  • Bobby99

    The American TAXpayer is buying these cars for the U.S. Embassy – the fake money just goes round and round- Obama's union buddies at GM score and con the TAXpayer once again. Post a Marine guard at the charging station for fire watch.!