Mansory you’ll really need to step up your flashiness game after this one – because one particular supercar maker from Italy, one even we’ve never heard off, has just snatched the title.

This model is certainly not for true motoring fans – the ones that love Ferrari or Lamborghini n their pure states – this one is for the kind of people that bask in the word-of-mouth of others and live for social media glory. And up-and-coming supercar maker Frangivento certainly has what it takes to attract their attention and paychecks. The Charlotte Roadster is electric – so they can boast about saving the planet (like they car, but it’s trendy!) while all the while explaining they are so over pet bag-dogs… the newest trend is to carry a saltwater fish tank inside your million-euro supercar.

Frangivento Charlotte Roadster is an electric supercar with a… fish tank inside 4

Designer Giorgio Pirolo admits he was seemingly inspired by the Mediterranean – there’s leather, Alcantara, and wood inside the cockpit, but the fish tank still doesn’t make sense… “The occupants of the two seats will feel as if they are diving into the sea thanks to the two ‘waves’ that envelop the Sarco seats right up to the door panels,” explains the company. “The fishes Nemo and Dory swim around the aquarium, the inspiration for another famous car by the same designer. At the bottom of the aquarium is a little bottle with the names of all those who took part in the project.” The price tag is warranted by the exclusive build materials – Modena interior panels, 3W Tout Bois veneer, exclusive leatherwork from Atelier, as well as pure silver crafted by jewelers Zampieri 1828 of Padua for numerous controls. Motivation comes via a 885 horsepower (660 kilowatts) powertrain with 70 kilowatt-hour battery pack.


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