Who said that the Frankfurt Motor Show was only for production cars and the most extreme vehicles presented would be the ones “made” by world known tuners, and besides the DTMs unveiled by Audi and Mercedes and Dacia’s 800 horsepower Pikes Peak Duster, Ford’s turn came up to reveal its new 2012 Formula racing car.

“Ford’s global kinetic design philosophy is also echoed in the new-generation car, giving fans of the championship a style they can easily recognize. Car manufacturers will still be able to add that crucial individual touch to their cars though, with only the requirement to keep specific parts developed for aerodynamic equivalence mandated in the regulations”, as it is written in an official Ford statement.

The automaker says that its 2012 Formula Ford is powered by a production-based 1.6 liter Ford EcoBosst direct injection, turbocharged engine, which will be delivering 163 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque, connected to a six-speed sequential transmission with mechanical shift mechanism, sending power to the rear wheels.

After presenting its new Formula racing car for the year 2012, Ford stopped releasing any extra details, but not before saying that besides the traditional blue and white paint, the car has a tubular steel chassis, side intrusion panels and carbon fiber front and rear crash structures, making it eligible to compete in a variety of international events.


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