Frankfurt: Dacia revealed 800 HP Duster and Feuerwehr Duster image

The Romanian automaker Dacia, under its mother-brand Renault, came to the Frankfurt Motor Show revealing two versions of the Duster low-cost SUV model, the first of them landing in Germany straight from Pikes Peak, with its 800 horsepower, and a so called Feuerwehr, made for fire brigades.

Flying in straight from the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb where it ran on altitudes over 4.000 meters, the 800 horsepower Duster was in everyone’s attention but being a competition model, Dacia didn’t provide any details about it.

Another Duster which is aimed to Germany’s firefighters was also presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and the automaker says that the low-cost SUV is specially equipped for interventions and with its extra gear the price went up from 11.900 to 24.500 euros.

In the Feuerwehr version, the Dacia Duster has special lights on its roof, extra LEDs, radio-phone and a GPS system, while in the trunk we can find special gear used by firefighters. The exterior is personalized with a bright red and the 112 emergency number is written on its sides.

Unfortunately the Romanian car manufacturer didn’t provide any extra details about the two versions of the popular Duster but one thing is for sure: those who were expecting the second generation of Dacia’s SUV will have to wait until the next year’s Geneva Auto Show.