Frankfurt: Alfa Romeo 4C Concept revealed image

After announcing its presence at the Frankfurt Motor Show with the 4C Concept originally presented at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year, Alfa Romeo unveiled its two-seat mid-engined sports car, which is actually unchanged except from a new paint scheme, coming with Fluid Metal metallic silver while in Geneva it wore a bright red.

The Italian automaker says that its 4C Concept is powered by a 1.7 liter turbocharged petrol engine, the same powerplant used on the Giulietta model, mated to a twin dry-clutch transmission, but Alfa declined to specify a precise horsepower figure, we only know that the unit is delivering 232 BHP in other uses and that it can take the 4C Concept from 0 to 100 km/h in “less than five seconds” with a top speed “of over 250 km/h”.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Concept is about four meters long, with a mid-engine and rear-wheel drive, and by using lightweight materials from which carbon fiber couldn’t miss, the automaker says that its kerb weight is under 850 kilograms.

This is all we know about the interesting 4C Concept, a car which, in many eyes, is Alfa’s return to tradition, in times when the agility and power to weight ratio meant success.