Frankfurt: Audi Urban Concept world premiere: Live Photos image

The Audi urban concept technology study is a 1+1 vehicle for urban and metropolitan areas.

Weighing just 1, 058 pounds, it also combines elements of a race car, a roadster, and a city car all in the one vehicle.

The Urban Sportback is fitted with a canopy that forms part of the body and slides up and to the rear, while the roofless Spyder features a flat window strip wrapping around the cockpit and doors that open upward at an angle. It measures 3,219 millimeters (126.73 in) long, 1,678 millimeters (66.06 in) wide and just 1,189 millimeters (46.81 in) tall (Sportback).

The new vehicle is set to demonstrate the importance which Audi gives its cars on weight reduction with carbon fiber and light materials being used a lot.

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