The Frankfurt motor show promises to present 82 world premieres when it opens this week, with electric models and a new Citroen C3 and Opel Astra in the spotlight.

The VDA auto federation that organises the IAA car fair has promised a “fireworks show of innovations” with German brands accounting for half of them.

Many will not be spectacular however, with several brands rolling out new versions of already existing models or full-production versions of previously presented prototypes.

Volkswagen, for example, will showcase BlueMotion versions of its Golf and Polo models that consume less fuel.

A prototype of Opel’s Astra was also first unveiled in Paris in July.

Citroen has prepared an update of its C3 urban auto, the best selling car in France this year and a model that has sold more than two million units since 2002. Peugeot is bringing its compact monospace 5008.

Moving upscale, Audi has redesigned its four-ring logo and will roll out its latest supercar, the R8 Spyder, while Daimler brings back the mythic SLR coupe that first caught the public’s eye in the 1950s.

This time, a high-end SLS AMG version awaits visitors to Frankfurt’s vast fairground complex.

Italian models will give the Germans a run for their money meanwhile, with Ferrari sending the 458 Italia, an eight-cylinder successor to the F430.

Amost all brands will take pains to present more environmentally friendly cars however, with several prototypes of all-electric or hybrid vehicles set to take the stage.

Renault and Volkswagen will display several concepts and a futuristic BMW electric sports car is another highly anticipated model.

Ford and Audi have also promised premieres, and even the iconic former communist German brand Trabant will have an electric car to show.

Toyota, the world’s leading automaker, will continue to focus on hybrid electric and petrol models, as will its high-end brand Lexus.

Finally, the show will highlight concepts such as Better Place, which has teamed up with Renault-Nissan to propose an electric vehicle with replaceable battery packs, cutting the often extended periods required to recharge EVs.

Source: Gasgoo


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