Frankfurt: Chevrolet Malibu and Miray image

The Chevrolet Malibu is on its way to Europe next year, where GM thinks it can help the Chevrolet brand build identity. It was unveiled at Frankfurt today.

The US brand once tried to sell the Epica in the UK, with virtually no success. But company insiders believe the Malibu will fare much better.

Chevrolet Europe executive sales director Cesare Prati says initial volumes will be low but that Malibu name is “something new, something fresh” to serve as a flagship.

With drag coefficient rating close to the Volt’s 0.28, Chevrolet’s new flagship in Europe will be one of the most aerodynamically efficient cars in the brand’s passenger vehicle line-up, the automaker said in the official statement.

The automaker sold 480,000 vehicles in western and Eastern Europe last year and hopes to sell 520,000 this year. The Chevrolet brand does well in Russia, a key emerging market, where it succeeded to sell 170,000 vehicles.



The Miray is a two-seater roadster concept car. It’s powered by two front-mounted, battery-powered electric motors, while a 1.5-litre petrol engine provides any extra charge required.
The body is made in part from straight carbon fibre and carbon fibre reinforced plastics and features scissor doors. The front and rear fenders evoke Chevrolet Corvettes of the past and express the concept’s sports car spirit.

Zero emissions low-speed driving is a given but the coolest feature is reserved for the interior. Push the start button and a projector rises up out of the centre console and displays various bits of information on the instrument panel.

“Miray” is Korean for “future” and lightweight hybrid sports cars are without doubt where sports performance will need to go in the mid-term future of automobiles.