Frankfurt: Infiniti released EV teaser image image

With the Frankfurt Motor Show being all about unveiling new cars, concepts or technologies, Nissan’s luxury automaker Infiniti decided to go a step beyond what everyone else is doing and tease an electric vehicle three years before its official debut which is scheduled for 2014.

This is not the only EV that Infiniti has teased and just last year the Japanese car manufacturer has released another teaser image of what is supposed to be the company’s new “eco-friendly” vehicle to come in 2013.

Infiniti said that the “old” vehicle will be able to transport five people, while having an innovative design with zero CO2 emissions. The last year’s teaser has been released during the opening of the new Infiniti Center Piccadilly from London by the automaker’s vice president Andy Palmer.

“At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Infiniti released a second sketch of its electric luxury vehicle, which is set to launch in 2014. Befitting the brand’s promise of Inspired Performance, the Infiniti EV will be a stylish, high performance five-seat luxury vehicle with zero emissions technology”, as it is written in an official statement of Infiniti.

Even if Infiniti says that its new electric vehicle will see daylight in 2014, the car presented in the teaser image looks to be the same as the one teased a year ago, so we can only guess that the economic crisis has delayed this project once.