Frankfurt Live: Eterniti Hemera Super-SUV image

Following the official images released last week, Eterniti Hemera, one of the most exotic SUVs, made its world debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show and here are the first live images from the event.

Although only the exterior was revealed, Eterniti says that it closely resembles the production version, with carbon composite panels disguising the car’s original roots in the VW large SUV platform. That luxury comes by the way of a “limousine-like rear cabin, including twin reclining seats, iPads and a drink chiller.” Basically, something like a Maybach on stilts.

The model will be hand-built in London and will feature over 620bhp for a top speed of around 180mph and acceleration from 0-62mph in just over four seconds.

“Eterniti will have to overcome many obstacles if it wants to be successful in the niche market of luxury cars. Combating with the heritage and hand-crafted build quality of Bentley and Lagonda will be one of the many obstacles they will have to overcome,” stated Car Throttle magazine.

The automaker plans to release the Hemera onto the market next year, with an initial goal of around 100 sales per year. Prices are likely to sit around the $250,000 mark.