Frankfurt Live: Fisker Surf revealed image

The surprise of the small green car manufacturer Fisker is named Surf and has just been officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Being considered the shooting-break version of the Karma saloon, the new Surf is expected to be priced at over $100.000.

Designers working at Fisker seem to have lost their inspiration as their new creation, the Surf, looks pretty much like a Ferrari FF, a Porsche Panamera or even a BMW 1-Series hatchback from the rear end, but what’s that compared to the fact that it’s a hybrid, and owning a hybrid or an electric vehicle these days is like you have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Even if the car is obviously more a Ferrari FF than anything else, Henrik Fisker says that the Surf was inspired by the legendary 1970 Lamborghini Espada.

The automaker is announcing that its new Surf model is being powered by a 2.0 liters turbo engine, delivering 255 horsepower, along with two electric motors placed on the rear axle, delivering 400 HP, mated to lithium-ion batteries which can also be charged from an independent source of electricity.

Even if the official price of the Fisker Surf hasn’t been revealed yet, the automaker has serious plans for its new model, wanting to find 3.500 new owners for it only in Europe, considering the fact that Europeans like SW-like designs. But when your wagon has a tiny boot and a premium price, than you will definitely think again before paying the six-figure price.