Mercedes’ booth at Frankfurt Motor Show revealed two new important concepts which give us a preview of its future models, with a possible “baby SLS” for the Stuttgart based automaker and a new generation of the popular ForTwo wearing Smart’s badge on it.

According to Mercedes, the F125 Hydrogen Gullwing Concept celebrates 125 years since the registration of the patent with the 37.435 number on it at the Berlin Patent Bureau, which highlighted a petrol-powered vehicle that completely changed the way people traveled.

Under the F125 name, Mercedes’ new concept is powered by four electric motors and four sets of hydrogen fuel cells and rumors are that with this vehicle the automaker is preparing a hydrogen-powered car which will make its debut in 2014, as a successor of the F125.

The hydrogen Mercedes’ motors deliver a peak of 313 horsepower and a constant 231 HP, which is enough to give it a 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of just 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 220 km/h. The Stuttgart based manufacturer is bragging that the F125 has an autonomy of almost 1.000 km with a single hydrogen “tank” and thanks to its on board battery it can travel up to 50 kilometers in the full electric mode, without wasting any energy stored in the hydrogen fuel cells.

While the F125 is showing us the future of the Mercedes brand, Smart’s ForVision Concept is definitely a future generation of the popular ForTwo model which might come in a close shape. Even if the automaker revealed the ForVision Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, details about it remain unknown as if Smart is preparing something top-secret, but one thing is for sure, the 2012 generation of the ForTwo will get some features from the ForVision.

Saving weight is all about the new concept from Smart and the automaker says that its rims are actually made out of plastic, to weighing 3.3 kilograms less than the ones made out of aluminum. Smart also fitted the ForVision with solar cells on its roof and from a car on which weight seems to be very important from a reason unknown, carbon fiber is a must.

Seriously now, why does Smart want to save weight? So it can go round that corner faster? Or to make it flip over when a big truck will pass by? But in a world concerned in saving the planet we think this might be the answer: lower fuel consumption means lower CO2 emissions which means more trees and everyone lives happy.


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