Frankfurt: Mercedes-Benz Concept B-Class E-CELL PLUS image

Mercedes Benz, today at the 64th Frankfurt Motor Show unveiled the B-Class E-CELL PLUS Concept.

This B Class is fitted with the technology known as the range extender: a small gasoline engine serves as a generator for the batteries, allowing to drive without range anxiety and with low emissions and fuel consumption.

In all-electric, local emission-free mode the Concept B-Class E-CELL PLUS has a range of up to 100 kilometers. However, the total range can be extended up to 600 kilometers allowing the vehicle to be used for long journeys, too.

Activation and deactivation of the standard engine is made automatically. The car has two operation modes:

When the battery possesses sufficient energy, the vehicle runs locally emission-free on electric power alone. The energy accumulator can be recharged by means of a conventional domestic power socket. Rapid charging is also possible with this vehicle. This enables a charging time in the order of one hour.

When the battery charge status drops below a certain limit, the combustion engine is activated (“Range Extender mode”). The large range which is available in “Range Extender mode” ensures that the vehicle will always reach its destination, even if the battery is flat.
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in approx. 11 seconds and the top speed of 150 km/h are both attainable in either operating mode.

At speeds of over 60 km/h the combustion engine acts as a driving engine together with the electric motor (“parallel mode”), transmitting the generated power to the front axle.

For charging, the car uses a standard power outlet, but on the same time can use a public charging station.

Technical data

Seats 5
Electric motor (machine type) Permanently excited synchronous machine
Maximum output (kW/hp) 100/136**
Continuous output (kW/hp) 70/95**
Top speed (km/h) 150**
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (s) 11,0**
CO2 emissions (g/km) 32**
Range (km) (NEDC) 100 in all-electric mode**up to 600 on combined power**
Range Extender
Combustion engine 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine
Displacement (l) 1.0 turbo
Rated output (kW) 50 at 3500 rpm**
Battery technology Lithium-ion

** Provisional values