Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE: Ford Mondeo Vignale Concept image

Ford is currently showcasing the four-door Mondeo Vignale sedan concept, at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

After being officially unveiled just a few days ago, the brand new Ford Mondeo Vignale Concept is entering our news once again, this time with the carmaker bringing it to the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, where the model has made its public debut. The Vignale will become available from 2015 on the new generation of the Mondeo / Fusion and it will be slotted right above the Titanium X trim level, offering more luxurious features in the cabin and on its exterior design.

“Our vision for the Vignale product range is to deliver vehicles with true upmarket credentials. We wanted to create something unique for Ford, with world-class quality and craftsmanship”, said the Ford of Europe executive design director, Martin Smith.

The new Ford Mondeo Vignale Concept can easily stand out from a crowd with its bespoke exterior paint scheme, with the chrome finish on the side mirror caps and door handles and with the 20-inch alloy wheels. The cabin of the model has received leather upholstery, a leather wrapped steering wheel, center console and instrument panel, Wi-Fi, Rearview Camera, front and rear Park Assist and some other tweaks. The Ford Mondeo Vignale Concept has been seen by the public, in a premiere, at the German automotive event.