Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE: Hamann Nervudo, Mirror GC and Mystere image

The Hamann Motorsport GmbH is a well-known German tuner that aptly enhances the visuals and power of many brands, from Mini to Ferrari. On its home turf, it decided to do a big splash with some stunning models displayed at the 2013 IAA.

First of all we have a successful appearance from a metallic orange monster – a richly customized Lamborghini Aventador, renamed Nervudo. Since we are talking about a supercar, the technical alterations are subtle, but effective: it packs an extra 60 horsepower and 34 pound-feet of torque, thanks to a few tweaks to the ECU and also an optional exhaust, solely designed to spit fire. Catchy, right?

The true wonders done with the Nervudo are on the outside, where Hamann has made some significant aerodynamic adaptations, starting with a massive rear wing and a reformatted diffuser, with the latter made of unpainted carbon fiber. We also have a two-piece, carbon-fiber spoiler that creates a more aggressive fascia, while the new side skirt and engine vents are both nice touches. Just to tell us they can, a set of multi-spoke wheels from the Hamann Professional collection has been chosen to replace the stock Lamborghini items, 21 inch in the back and 20 inch for the front.

Next up we have a new mirror job from Hamann, after the pink Mystere from the Geneva Motor show. This time we have a more serious mirror-finishing magic on the BMW M6 Gran Coupe, debuting at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The tuner says that the “tailor-made suit” exterior treatment is made up of a new front bumper spoiler with large air intakes, side skirts, a new rear spoiler, and wing extensions out back. The end result… well, you’ll be the judges.

Lastly, we have a refreshed apparition of the Mystere, who decided to discard its ridiculous mirrored purple/pink wrap from Geneva – we have the Range Rover in a more stylish matte grey body finish, very good to emphasize the pumped up bodywork.
Hamann delivers for the model a complete body kit, which is 80 mm wider than the standard one. It comes with a new front spoiler and integrated LED daytime running lights. It includes front and rear wheel arches, side skirts and a carbon fiber bonnet with a power dome. At the rear, a rear spoiler and a roof wing complete the looks, while an electronic lowering module that reduces the SUV’s ride height by 40 mm, bespoke alloy exhaust tailpipes and a set of 23 inch forged rims round up the job on the model.