Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE: Suzuki IV-4 concept image

Looks like the compact crossover segment will soon become a very crowded one, as even Suzuki has announced its intentions to get a piece of the pie, releasing at the 2013 IAA the IV-4 concept.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the future production model based on the IV-4 concept will tackle the Nissan Juke, Opel Mokka and Renault Captur segment, featuring 4215mm in length, 1850mm in width, 1665mm in height and a 2500mm wheelbase.

Under the “Grab your field” concept, iV-4 is heir to Suzuki’s DNA in sports utility vehicles: it’s faithful to Suzuki’s traditional SUV design – straight, sleek lines, clamshell hood, five-slotted front grille – yet also has a futuristic feel imparted by touches such as the distinctive kicked-up character lines on the sides, the fog light with built-in laser sensor on the roof, and the illuminated grille.

The production model based on the iV-4 aims to be an SUV for the present day: light in weight and boasting among the lowest CO2 emissions in its class. And besides being eco-friendly, the four-wheel drive model will come equipped with ALLGRIP, the next generation of Suzuki 4WD technology.

With a planned European release in 2015, the production model based on the IV-4 concept will be built at the Suzuki plant in Hungary.