Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE: Toyota Yaris Hybrid R concept image

Toyota – usually a bleak brand with lots of reliability and hybrids but with low number of fans – has delivered a serious blow in the sub compact segment with the little Yaris Hybrid R.

Based on the three-door Yaris, the Hybrid-R concept comes with a four-cylinder 1.6-liter turbocharged engine delivering 300 bhp (224 kW) and 420 Nm (310 lb-ft) to the front wheels. You would think this is enough, right? But remember the R is a hybrid. So, additionally, each rear wheel is driven by a 60 bhp (45 kW) electric motor.

This means an electric combined output of no less then 120 bhp (89 Nm) available for up to five seconds when Track mode is activated. During this five-second interval, the concept has a maximum output of 420 bhp (313 kW).

There’s also a third 60 bhp electric motor installed between the conventional power unit and the six-speed sequential gearbox. It works during deceleration to feed the super capacitor and also during acceleration to power the two rear electric motors, but only when the power and torque of the engine exceed the grip potential of the front wheels. In other words, the generator will act as a traction control system redirecting torque as electric energy to the rear axle.

Aside from the obvious sporty design, the performance figures have not been released, but we can only imagine what this little beast is able to do on a track, searching for a lap record.